Great business starts with great design.
That's exactly where we come in.

since 2012


About Us

We're a professional graphic design studio that specializes in Logo Design, Branding, Business Card Design, Flyer Design, Album/Song Cover Design as well as anything you might need that requires a graphic designer.

Each and every of our designs is completely authentic. Our Logo Designs are all hand-drawn. We guarantee quality and absolute satisfaction to our clients. You do NOT pay the full price before the design is finished.

Investing in your brand identity will not only improve your business and make it more professional, but will also bring more attention and potentional clients, and with our flexibility, you'll have design that separates you from the rest and makes people remember your name. Let our portfolio and testimonials speak for themselves.

Express yourself.
Communication and interaction with the client plays a huge role in how we handle our business. This is why we put a lot effort in trying to understand what the client needs in order to get best results.

When all the required info is provided, we'll start working on design and you'll be presented with a drawn mock-up of how the design should look. This enables the client to manipulate how the final product will look like in every aspect.

Once the design is finished, the final product will be sent to the client for review after which (if client is satisfied) we work on several variations of original design. Once the final payment is sent, all legal ownership is transferred to the client. Satisfaction is guaranteed.


Contact us on for inquiries, or if you have any questions.

Information You Should Provide
• What is the name of your company/brand that would be in the logo?
• What kind of design would you like?
• Your website/link


Q: What do you use?
A: Currently using Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D and a Wacom Intuos5 tablet.

Q: I need a specific format for the design. What do you provide?
A: We'll send the design in every format possible, such as PNG, EPS, AI, PSD, and JPEG (and more).

Q: What's the payment method you use?
A: PayPal, as it's the safest way to pay.

Q: Do I pay the full price at first?
A: No. Only a smaller amount of full payment is needed. You pay the rest when you see the final design and are completely satisfied with it. Refunds on initial payments are not possible.

Q: What if I want a change later?
A: No problem. Free revisions included.* You will receive previews of the design as we work on it, so it's really easy for the client to alter the oucome to the way he wants it.

Q: Will there be any copyright issues?
A: None. Once the design is finished, and the payment is sent, the legal ownership is transferred to the client.

Q: Do you create logo mock-ups or printing?
A: No, we do not do mockups as they take too much time to complete. We only do graphic design, we do not print.

*Please contact us for info about revisions